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Doctoral Programme in Gender and Diversity

The Ph.D. Programme in Gender and Diversity has a long history at the University of Oviedo. A pioneering initiative, this Ph.D. programme was established in 1995. In 2005 this programme received the Quality Appreciation Award granted by the State Secretariat for Universities and Research (MEC). This award has been renewed annually and, after its insertion in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), it was accredited as official postgraduate programme in 2006, and verified by ANECA as official doctorate programme in 2009 (BOE 10-2-2010). In 2011 the programme was awarded the "Mención hacia la Excelencia" distinction (BOE 20-10-2011) and maintains this same distinction for the 2013/2014 academic year. It offers the doctoral degree, Ph.D. in Gender and Diversity by the University of Oviedo.

This interdepartmental and interdisciplinary program is based on the epistemologies and methodologies of the humanities and social sciences. It aims at promoting excellent research, incorporating high-level knowledge and gender expertise to various professional fields, particularly, administration, education and social work, and culture.

Since its foundation in 1995, the Oviedo University Ph.D. Programme in Women´s Studies has brought together a growing number of scholars and students, and has trained lecturers and researchers currently recruited at Spanish and foreign universities.

Collaborating institutions include:

University College Dublin (National University of Ireland, Dublin), University of York, University of Hull, University of Lodz, University of Leeds, University of Auckland, New Zealand, Utrecht University, CEU University, Budapest, University of Bologna and the Asturian Institute for women.


Given its interdisciplinary and international structure, it is possible to gain access to the program from any knowledge area. In addition to the general academic standards to access a research period of a PHD programme at the University of Oviedo the specific requirements for admission to the Doctoral programme in gender and Diversity includes:

  • Interest, or previous experience, in feminist or gender studies.
  • Completed least 30 ECTS in gender studies at postgraduate level.
  • Knowledge of English (minimum Level B1).

The Gender and Diversity and Erasmus Mundus GEMMA Master's programmes constitute the period of specific training of this doctoral program: http://cei.uniovi.es/postgrado/doctorado/acceso

Students can also access this program if they hold a master equivalent of another institution. The Academic Commission of the PhD Programme may require additional training if the applying student has not completed the research pathway from the Master's in Gender and Diversity, or the Erasmus Mundus GEMMA Master's or equivalent postgraduate courses in the areas of feminism or gender studies.

The application for admission should be submitted at the International Graduate Centre within the deadlines set by the University.

Academic Coordination:

Isabel Carrera Suárez
Department of Germanic and French Philology

Campus de Humanidades Universidad de Oviedo 33011, Oviedo
+(34) 985 10 45 45


International Graduate Centre
Plaza de Riego, s/n, 33003- Oviedo
+(34) 985 10 40 75 / 985 10 40 76
+(34) 985 10 49 59

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