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MA in Gender and Diversity

The MA in Gender and Diversity is inscribed within the postgraduate courses offered at the University of Oviedo in the field of gender and Women's Studies and is in line with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). This MA originates from the Doctorate in Women's Studies, created in 1995, and awarded with the Distinction of Quality the Ministry of Science and Education, now annually renewed.

This Gender and Diversity MA was created due to the demand for knowledge and training in the field of gender coming from academic research, public administrations and institutions, NGOs and, more increasingly, from private institutions. Such a demand shows the importance conferred on this field of study at the level of national and European legislation, employment, education, social relations, culture and economy. The programme offers a systematic and advanced instruction in concepts, theories and methodologies of gender relevant to miscellaneous academic disciplines; moreover, it provides access to knowledge resulting from feminist research. In its professional itinerary, this MA programme focuses on the analysis of gender and the acquired knowledge in the sphere of labour, with special attention to equal opportunity policies and European directives. Both approaches integrate the analysis of social and cultural transformation effected by migrations and global diversity.

It is through this programme that the University of Oviedo is inserted as one of the international university networks coordinating the intersection of Women's Studies and gender programmes (MA in Women and Gender Studies) ATHENA and AOIFE, as well as several relevant European projects. The university is also part of the one and only Erasmus Mundus MA in Women's and Gender Studies, (GEMMA), officialised and financed by the European Commission since 2006 (http://www.ugr.es/~gemma/).

The MA in Gender and Diversity grants access to the PhD programme of the same name, which has been awarded the Distinction of Quality.

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