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Seminar for Women's Studies (SEMUO)

The Seminar for Women's Studies at the University of Oviedo (SEMUO) was founded in 1994 by philologists, feminist historians and sociologists of the University with the purpose of coordinating interdisciplinary research on Women's Studies and gender. Since its foundation, it coordinates teaching, research and social participation activities. All this resulted in more fundamental academic projects such as the Doctorate in Women's Studies (the current Postgraduate Programme in Gender and Diversity, awarded a Distincition of Quality, as well as the Erasmus Mundus Master's), launched in 1995 and taught every year since then.

SEMUO organizes meetings, symposia, conferences and serves as a bridge between different research groups (Alternatives, Demeter and Intersections) or more specific seminars like the Permanent Seminar on "Women and Literature". SEMUO also organizes or takes part on social outreach activities (workshops, courses, exhibitions, consulting) and publishes its own collection of monographs "Alternativas" (Oviedo, KRK Ediciones).


Isabel Carrera Suárez
Department of Germanic and French Philology

Campus of Humanities University of Oviedo 33011, Oviedo

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